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Version v1.0.4πŸŽ‰

New Web App Updates Live


Version v1.0.4πŸŽ‰

Stay in the loop with our latest web app version updates! Discover exciting new features, enhanced performance, and improved user experiences designed to elevate your athletic journey. Explore what's new and get ready to unlock your full potential with YVY.

  • Format usernames to only be lowercase
  • Fixed undefined action images
  • Profile Updates update immediately after submitting
  • Add Profile Link to the dashboard navigation menu
  • Now add positions to your athlete profiles
  • Fix black box for mobile page hero’s
  • New Custom Profile SEO Open Graph images
  • Custom Home page for top 10 sports with page query
  • Confirmation modal for unfollowing an athlete
  • Helper text for dashboard icons
  • Add Frequently Asked Questions to home page and its own page
  • New Blog is Live!
  • Minor Bug Fixes
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