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Learn about YVY and discover our story and mission to empower athletes, where we believe in connecting talent, unlocking potential, and fostering success in the world of sports.

Our Origin Story

In 2022, there was a driven and passionate young entrepreneur named Christopher Jones, a former athlete with a heart for sports and a vision to empower athletes like himself. Kikstarterz's journey began when he stumbled upon an inspiring opportunity – the chance to acquire an online platform that had caught his attention while building it as a software engineer.

It all started with a serendipitous encounter. Christopher had a successful branding and software development consulting business, and during one of his ventures, he met an old client who owned an online service designed for athletes to showcase their talents to coaches. The platform was called Kikstarterz, and it instantly struck a chord with Christopher. The concept of providing a space where young athletes resonated deeply with his own experiences as an athlete.

The Leap of Faith

Driven by his passion for sports and the desire to create a meaningful impact, Christopher took the leap of faith and acquired Kikstarterz. He believed in the untapped potential of the platform and knew that it could be transformed into something extraordinary – a game-changer for aspiring athletes across the globe.

Revamping the Vision

With unwavering determination and a clear vision, Christopher set out to revamp Kikstarterz, infusing it with user-friendly features, cutting-edge technology, and a vibrant community spirit. He knew firsthand the struggles young athletes faced, from finding the right opportunities to connecting with coaches and supporters.

Drawing from his own athletic journey and fueled by the dream of empowering countless young athletes, Christopher is working tirelessly to make Kikstarterz all that it can be. Kikstarterz is blossoming into a dynamic platform that transcends boundaries, where athletes can showcase their diverse talents, connect with like-minded peers, and raise funds to fuel their dreams.

The Transition to YVY

As of May 2024, Kikstarterz is officially rebranding to YVY, which stands for "You vs You." This name change reflects our commitment to empowering athletes to take control of their own journeys, focusing on self-improvement and personal branding. The new name encapsulates our belief that the greatest competition an athlete faces is within themselves.

Why the Name Change?

The name YVY embodies the core of our mission: to inspire athletes to constantly strive for personal excellence. We believe that the greatest competition any athlete faces is the one within themselves. "You vs You" is more than just a slogan; it’s a mindset. It’s about pushing your limits, breaking your records, and continually evolving as both an athlete and an individual.

Partnership with Phase 1 Elite

In addition, YVY has partnered with Mike Waters, the owner of Phase 1 Elite, to further enhance the platform's offerings. Phase 1 Elite specializes in providing marketing, training, and educational resources to athletes, helping them gain the necessary exposure to get recruited for collegiate sports. Through this partnership, Phase 1 Elite will utilize YVY as the platform to house athlete profiles, ensuring that athletes receive the comprehensive support they need to succeed.

Our Vision for the Future

As word spreads, YVY will become a beacon of hope for athletes worldwide. Coaches will marvel at the talents displayed by young athletes, and supporters will be able to rally behind the passion and dedication of these rising stars.

Welcome to the elite community for athletes driven to build their brand. #StayDope


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